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Red Butte Garden is one of the Salt Lake Valley's hidden treasures. The garden is located at the base of Red Butte Canyon near the University of Utah. The facility has 150 acres with floral displays, a children's garden, miles of hiking trails and an knowledgeable staff that gives scheduled presentations and is often able to help with gardening tips or wild flower identification in the Salt Lake area.

BTW, did you know that Salt Lake City is in a desert? Yeah! That's right. It's in the middle of a desert. Desert is a word used to describe dry places. That pretty green lawn sucks up a lot of precious water. Salt Lake require special care to gardens that fit the climate. Red Butte Garden is on the cutting edge of promoting responsible xeriscaping (It turns out that importing noxious invasive weeds from Mongolia isn't a wise decision. Who'd-a-figured?)

Back to the gardens. Red Butte Garden will celebrate Spring Festival on May 21. Spring is one of the best times to visit the gardens. Who knows, a trip to Spring Fest just might give you some gardening ideas.

Saving the best for last. In the last several years, Red Butte Garden has hosted a summer concert series that has managed to snag some of the top musical talent from around the nation.

If you are hosting an event at Red Butte Garden, feel free to add it to the calendar on this site.
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