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David Williams Stock Photography

David Williams presents an intriguing selection of stock photography. Stock photography is a business where free lance photographers create images that designers can include in their creations. A web site designer might purchase stock photography to add punch to the web site.

Stock photography is a great way for photographers to hone their skill while providing a little extra money. I like to look through stock photography sites as I can enjoy the skill of the photographer without the attached media message that will be included with a polished published work.

Mr. Williams stock photo page is enjoyable in that many of his images capture a portion of a larger story. For example, we find children playing with a captured snake, a young woman happy to see herself meeting her weight goal as she stands on a scale, etc..

David Williams Stock PhotographyI grabbed the little thumbnail image to the right from the concepts page. An image such as this could make a great point in a web site about tax policy. To include the image, I would need to gain the photographers permission. To do this, I would simply need to click the "add to lightbox" button next to the image on the David William's site, then fill out the quote form, to negotiate the price of the image. If the image is within my budget, I would pay for the image then include it on my page.

Unfortunately, the David Williams' site does not give any sample quotes. budget is zero. But I am always curious about what it would cost to make a visually intriguing state of the art page.

In addition to the stock, David Williams includes several images as art prints. This page includes many intriguing landscape photos from around the mountain west and beyond.

This web site was designed by Monte Thompson. Overall, it is a very interesting presentation.

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