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Since the completion of Library Square, The Salt Lake City Public Library is the new focal point of the Salt Lake community. Library square is the venue for the Arts festival and many other city wide events. The new library itself has quickly established itself as one of the major attractions in the city.

The simplest way to get to the library is via Trax. The library is on the Library stop of the University Line. If you are on the Sandy Line, your best bet is to stop at the Court House stop and hoof it for one block east. You can transfer to the university line at the Gallivan Station. Its a bit frustrating, apparently the Library stop is a half block outside the Salt Lake free fare zone.

The library has things in it called books. I am not sure how one operates these book things...but do not despair, the library also has broadband access to the Internet and a large selection of computers open to the public. Prepare for a 20 minute wait for a computer to open.

Of course, you could try opening on of those book things that are on the shelves while you wait for a computer to open. If you have a laptop with NIC, apparently you can plug it into the network connections throughout the library. I have not tried this yet.

I like the short walk to the top of the library. You will find a great view of the Salt Lake City.

The Salt Lake City web site is functional and informative. With the web site, you can access the library's catalog (yeah, those book things again). You can also access your library account and renew books online.

The site has a wimpy links page that list community resources. Hmmm, they seem to have forgotten to link to my site.

The web site was designed by Humaniz. It has info on all the libraries in the Salt Lake County library system.

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