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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education is a handy site on getting the right education track for your desired career.

The site is geared largely to educational opportunities Utah's public technical colleges including SLTACT, USU, DACT, WSU, USU, USVC, CEU, UBACT, SWATC, Snow and other public institutions. The site also provides quality information for Utah Job seekers.

To a large extent is an index to resources. For example, if you start exploring Information Technology Page, within a click or two you will be looking at pages local high schools and colleges.

Designwise, the sprinkles the work with a generous dose of personal experiences of students pursuing career goals. For example, Jose Arvizo was able to use the health science opportunities in high school to pursue a career in medicine as a doctor. Tiffany Clegg was able to find an education path to establish her career in the family business of raising rodeo stock. Katherine Phillips extended her passion for design with a degree in Multimedia. A senior internship provided both the interest and income for Trent Williams to pursue an education in civil engineering.

The moral of the site is clear. By taking the time to match your education to your career, your education will open a new world of opportunities; Otherwise, you will end up as a Site of the Day reviewer...or worse.

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