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FINALLY! There is something we can agree on! Mediation is the choice alternative for handling most domestic disputes. is a site by the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah. This group can draw up divorce settlements in a more efficient and less costly manner than the courts.

The primary legal system in the US is designed to pit sides of an argument against each other. The court system is often winner takes all affair. The goal of mediation is equity. The mediator seeks a solution that is fair for both parties.

Mediation works extremely well in situations where both sides of the dispute are relatively equal (such as marriage). Since the cost of mediation is lower than traditional litigation, mediation generally acheives better results than court cases. Mediation is more likely to result in an amicable resolution to the dispute.

Unfortunately, the process of mediation has been given a bad rap in Utah recent years as massive organizations such as IHC have tried to intimidate its customers into forced arbitration. Most arbitration and mediation takes place between relatively equal parties. Forced arbitration has one extremely powerful organization that is able to force the hand of the less powerful party.

The Divorce Mediation Institute snags the site of the day as it highlights a worthly alternative to costly legal disputes.

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