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The Front Climbing Club

This site of the day will have you climbing the walls: The Front Climbing Club is a climbing gym centrally located at 1450 South 400 West in Salt Lake City. The company provides the GPS coordinates: N40o 44.263 - W111o 54.099. (Handy information for those clients who have never taken to pioneers effort to force a two dimensional coordinate system on a sphere*.)

The Front is just a few blocks from the Ballpark Trak Station. Walking to and from Traks is a great warm up and cool down for some radical indoor bouldering action!

The web site for The Front shows an interesting combination of overhanging climbs and walls.

*BTW, if you are giving the GPS coordiates for your business, you probably should include altitude. If you have clients who are beaming in from outer space...a few feet difference in altitude can make the important difference between a comfortable landing just above the surface or beaming into solid rock.

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