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Callware is a leading provider and developer of voice and data communication services and technologies. Early in the networking revolution, the founders of Callware realized that companies would want to network their PBX systems with their computer networks. Callware was established in 1994 to develop technologies to hook the various proprietary networks with telephone systems. Callware developed various extensions for groupware products such as Novell's Groupwise and Lotus Notes.

For the internet world, Callware has developed Callegra Unified Messaging and Communications. Developers can extend the Callegra with the Callegra .UC? XML Web Services SDK.

Callware's products are generally used in small to midsized businesses with rather intense communication needs. The programs are sold through a channel of authorized Callware Dealers and are installed by Certified Network Telephony Engineer (CNTE). The web site has a contact form for businesses interested in Callware's services, but does not list authorized dealers. Likewise the site has contact information information for businesses and individuals wanting to become Callware Dealers, but again fails to go into much detail.

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