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Detour Design

Detour Design is a purveyor of t-Shirt designs. The designs are available through Cafe Press.

Detour Designs has a different web site for each of it's t-shirt collections. I will list the web sites and cafe press links below. (ahem, I would get a commission if you purchased through the cafe press links. Why, if I made enough sales, I could buy a shirt and would not have to wander around half naked).

Detour Designables - Take a detour from the ordinary shirts (cafe press) carries a fun selection of amusing t-shirt messages and images. The selection includes messages such as "Captain Awesome," "Milk Mustaches," "Suit Up, because tonight will be legendary," "I Dominate the Dojo" and more.

Geeky Teez - Unique T-Shirts for the Gamer and Geek in all of us (cafe press) is a collection of designs for those who appreciate the finer points of being a geek. The designs include statements such as "Mathlete," "Blog Responsibly," or "Don't Push My Buttons."

Tees with a green message (Cafe Press) features t-shirt designs with a positive green message or recycling sign. Messages include "Have you Hugged a Tree Today?" "Don't Be Trashy, "Green is the new black," and "Burn Fat, not fuel, Go Green."

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