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Citris Grill

The Citris Grill is a delightful restaurant that serves a fresh combination of homemade soups, wraps, salads, pizza, sandwiches of full menu. Citris grill designed its menu to help you order the right portion. I highly recommend the restaurant's signature sweet potato corn chowder.

Citris GrillThe company's first location is squeezed into a strip mall in the Canyon Rim area of Millcreek Township at 2991 East 3300 South. The restaurant provides a nice cozy atmosphere.

The parking lot at this location was designed by none other than the famed Florentine Saddist Niccolo Machiavelli. The parking lot is tight and lacks sufficient egress. I guess the idea is that people who spend 10 minutes snarled in the parking lot as oversized SUVs try to back and fill their way to the exit will enjoy the food more.

Those fortunate enough to eventually find a parking space will enjoy a fresh creative combination of ingredients.

Citris Grill recently opened a second restaurant at 219 East 12300 South in Draper.

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