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Leave It Wild

I was surprised by this statistic. Only 1.7% of the land in Utah (902,612 acres) is protected as wilderness. Listening to the wanks in the Legislature they make it sound much higher.

Things look deceptive because we have 9.1 million acres of wilderness quality land.

The reason that the have 9.1 million arces of wilderness quality is not for want of development. Our industrial pioneers did everything in their power to develop the desert. Economics preserved the land, not foresight of the State's founders.

Leave It Wild is part of a Campaign for American Wilderness. Utah is clearly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. In our post agricultural economy, we are fortunate to have vast expanses of wilderness.

Utah has a diverse and unique combination of high desert mountains and cavernous canyons. Many of these areas are public lands. These undeveloped public lands attract millions of visitors from around the world to witness the wonders of the vanishing wilderness.

Now, it turns out that wilderness is largely self cleaning. The best way to preserve resources for future generations is to leave it wild.

Leave It Wild is an organization that wants to do just that. They are national advocacy group for the unbelievable scenic and cultural resources in this state.

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