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🠈  About Salt Lake Sites  🠊

Welcome to Salt Lake Sites

Salt Lake Sites (slsites.com) offers an independent, human edited directory and calendar for Salt Lake County. The goal of this effort is simply to promote local web development and community awareness.

The site is a sole proprietorship based in Mill Creek City, Utah. I built the directory simply by trolling through forums, newspapers and social media and linking to all the local sites that I can find.

I started this particular site in 2000 in anticipation of the 2002 Winter Olympics. My hope was that people who wanted to promote community awareness would see that it is a relatively inclusive work and link to it.

I enjoy learning about communities and built other sites for communities throughout the Mountain West.

A few years back, I decided to role out the idea for the entire state of Utah. Utah has 29 counties. I bought the domain Utah Color and intend to create a subdomain for each county. I will keep the domain slsites.com for Salt Lake County.


I wanted to focus on building the site, not selling ads. I funded the project through affiliate ads. The affiliate networks aggressively track user activity. In a recent rebuild, I decided to give local merchants the ability to displace the ads.

For a variety of reasons, the income from the affiliate ads has dropped to 30¢ for a thousand page views (CPM).

I decided to sell ad space at a 25¢ CPM. I want to sell the ads in blocks of 100,000 page views for $25.

The ad is a 728x90 placement that goes in the upper fold of the page. The ad can be a 728x90 banner or two lines of text (as you can see above). I invite web sites to go to the order page to define and ad. If I approve the ad; I will send you a PayPal invoice showing the ad placement. If you like the placement, then you can pay the bill.

My sites have a little over 10 million page views a year. I am hoping to sell 100 ad units during a year. That will give me $2,500 which pays for the web hosting fees. This is a very low rate.

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