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Advanced MD

Thinking of starting a medical practice?

Advanced MD is a Draper concern that makes web based software to help doctors run medical practices. The company has programs for running solo and group practices.

The great advantage of a web based remote programs is that such systems free you from all of the headaches involved with maintaining computers. The servers for a web based software are located in secure data centers. Best of all, hosted software can help keep you current with all of the medical billing and information trends.

To put it a different way: Medical billing is a communication intense process. It involves a complex network of insurance agents and patients. A successful medical practice system would need to pay as much attention to the communication and network needs as to the database. A hosted medical practice application is a good step in getting the whole system wired up correctly.

Interestingly, since the hosted solution is in a remote, secure data center, it is easier for a practice to meet HIPAA privacy and security standards than with stand alone servers in the office [The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

Apparently a lot of other people think hosted medical practice software is a good idea. MountainWest Capital recently recognized AdvancedMD among the fastest growing firms in Utah.

AdvancedMD can help take care of the tasks of getting the office up and running. So, I guess the next step to starting a medical practice would to pick up a book on medicine and figure out how people work. If people are anything like computers; rebooting the system is the answer to most problems. So, to heal a person, I would want to start by finding their reset button.

Hmmm, maybe I should learn medicine before starting a medical practice.

The company held postion 465 on the 2007 Inc. 500.

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