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Utah Online Divorce Assistance Program

You met online. You got married in that quaint little chat room hosted just outside Vegas.

Everything was going wonderfully.

Then, one day, this big fat hairy lump shows up at the door with a suitcase wanting to move in...

Looks like it is time to set up an account with The Utah Online Divorce Assistance Program.

While we can find humor in modern celebrity marriages that simply were not built to last, most divorces are real. They are preciptated by poor financial conditions and debt.

Costly divorce procedures either have the effect of keeping people trapped in bad relations where their conditions worsen, or the costly procedures make bad financial situations even worse.

For this reason, I am pleased to see mediation and online programs helping streamline the divorce process. Streamlining the procedure reduces the confrontation involved in divorce and the financial stress.

Utah Online Divorce can help you prepare and file divorce papers. I did not file a divorce for this review. The instructions indicate that the program will bring you step by step through the divorce filling procedures and will help you select local mediation services.

This site appears to be an affiliate of CompleteCase of Seattle.

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