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American Lenin Supply Company

In today's world where mega corporations emerge then disappear at drop of a hat, I find it intesting when I stumble across business that have survived and evolved through several generations.

Alsco (American Lenin Supply Company) was founed in 1889 in Lincon, Nebraska. The company moved to Salt Lake in 1889. The organization's corp business in textile management (they clean and help maintain lenins for restaurants, hotels and other organizations.)

The business doesn't sound that exciting, until one realizes that in our complex world of today, organizations are having more and more complex business needs. Our litigous society also makes it critical for businesses to assure that they do not get any cross contamination with their cleaning.

According to the web site, today's Alsco provides services for clean rooms and has upgraded facilities to elimate problems with cross contamination.

The site provides an interesting example of the amount of thought that goes into things we take for granted, and provides a good example of a company and industry evolving through time.

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