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Here's a web host that would make a hobbit happy. Shire.Net is a South Jordan firm offering web hosting. They snag the coveted Salt Lake Site of the Day mention because I love the domain name, and on the web the domain name is everything.

Just as hobbits love clean holes with round doors, I suspect most hobbits would lean toward Java web application development with JBoss. Well, Guess what? The just happens to offer J2EE hosting.

The real test for the service, of course, will come when the evil hackers from the Orthanc Tower in Isenguard turn their evil eye northward in an attempt to diminish the Shire.

Sorry, my imagination sometimes gets out of hand when I pen SoD reviews. This web host has been around since the mid 90s. It looks like a place where the host will give personal attention to each account. I like that the host includes their client list on their about page.

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