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Huntsman Corporation

Huntsman Corporation is a leader in material science. The company offers advanced materials for performance products. They are a leader in the development of polyurethane which is found in everything from automotive design and building supplies to clothing.

The Sustainability page has information on the company's environmental efforts. In recent years, an increasing amount of the stock for the plastics industry comes from byproducts of the bio-diesel industry.

Huntsman Cancer Institute

The company was founded by Jon Meade Huntsman (1937-present) in 1982. Mr. Huntsman had experience working as a staff member of the Nixon administration as in Dow Chemicles (DOW. Mr. Huntsman son Jon Huntsman, jr. became Utah's 16th governor in 2005. Notable philanthropic efforts of the Huntsman family include the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Huntsman Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol HUN.

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