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Cottonwood Canyons Foundation

Big Cottonwood Canyon

In Utah, the Mountains are tall and the canyons are deep. The Wasatch National Forest is the most heavily used park in the National Forest Service system. The canyons of the Wasatch include several world class ski resorts and are a favorite outings for a major metropolitan area.

The extraordinarily steep and scenic mountains tend to focus activity and environmental destruction into the narrow bands of the canyons. As such, the canyons of the Wasatch demand a great deal of attention and stewardship.

The canyons are more than just a scenic delight. Salt Lake is a major metropolitan area is a land locked desert. We depend upon the clean, clear water cascading through the Wasatch canyons for our very survival.

Cottonwood Canyons Founation is an organization concerned with two of the most spectacular canyons along the Wasatch Front: Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Albion Basin - Little Cottonwood

The Canyons are crowded throughout the year. During the summer, you will find hikers, bikers, sightseers and mountaineers scurrying along the trails, the roads and even up the cliffs of the canyons. In the winter, you will find skiers traveling from around the globe to test their skills against the greatest snow on earth.

Organizations working with this valuable resource have a difficult task of balancing environmental needs against the public's desire for the unparalleled recreational opportunities of the Wasatch and our need for water.

The first charge of the Cottonwood Canyon Foundation is education. The organization hosts a wide variety of naturist walks and school field trips that will help build appreciation and respect for Utah's natural resources. The Calendar lists a steady stream of snowshoeing, hiking, owl watching and other educational trips into the Cottonwood Canyons.

Sadly, Utah Legislators tend to be asleep at the wheel. In the rush to promote xeriscaping, many Utahns imported plants from the Steps of Mongolia and other high desert locations. Many of these plants have escaped from the city and are wreaking havoc in the Wasatch. You would have thought Utah would have learned from the Tamarisk fiasco not to import such plants, and that Utah would have the same restrictions on importing dangerous invasive weeds like many other progressive states.

If you love the outdoors and love being active in the community, the volunteers page has information specifically designed for you, with volunteer opportunities for field trip leaders and help organizing events such as the Wasatch Wildflower Festival which runs rom July 29th through August st, 2005.

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