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This is a good site of the day for a cold winter's day. Alpine Gas Fireplaces sells positive pressure gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

Living in a valley subject to temperature inversions, Salt Lakers simply cannot burn wood in the fireplace. Yes, when the conditions are right and a breeze is blowing through the valley, we can a few green days, but it is still unwise.

The cheap gas fireplace inserts in most homes do nothing more than pump heat out of the house and up the chimney. These people have a gas fireplace insert that uses positive pressure to push the heat back into the house. The fireplace pulls air from the outside into compartment surrounding the fireplace, it then pushes this warm air into the house. Traditional fireplace pull the warm air out of the house and radiant heat into the house. These fireplaces are less efficient. While they make the space around the fireplace warm, they make the rest of the house colder.

The site does not give any indication of the price of the units. I imagine that they are too rich for my blood.

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