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Carrot Books

Carrot Books publishes works on employee recognition and motivation. I believe that this company is a subsidary of O.C. Tanner.

Carrot Books is the publisher of the "Carrot" series of business management books by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton which look at the process of developing and implementing successful employee recognition programs.

The site also offers workshops and speeking engagements from renown speakers including Scott Christopher. The site offers a short sample presentation in Quicktime and Media Player format.

NOTE, you can purchase Managing with Carrots from and score substantial savings on your purchase. NOTE, if you buy from the Big O, I get a carrot for writing this review! You can also purchase books and contact the company about speeking engagements directly through the which case they get the carrot. I want the carrot, I want the carrot. Uh, you can see why my coworkers generally describe me as insufferable.

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