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The Great Salt Lake is a large terminus body of water in the Great Basin which runs from the Continental Divide in the Uinta Mountains to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Other terminus regions of the Great Basin include Pyramid Lake, the Humboldt Sinks, Lake Sevier and Death Valley.

The primary inlets to the Great Salt Lake are the Weber River, Ogden River and Jordan River.

The lake's salinity varies with its level. In recent decades the salinity ranged from 50 to 270 parts per thousand. This is compared to 35 parts per thousand of the ocean.

The Great Salt Lake includes a number of wetlands and is a critical habitat for migratory birds in the Western US.

The Lake is popular destination for sailing and includes the Antelope Island and Willard Bay State Parks. Willard Bay is a fresh water reservoir carved out of the inlet of the Weber and Odgen Rivers.

Surrounding communities include Ogden, Salt Lake City and Tooele.

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