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Young Electric Sign Company

Young Electric Sign Company develops lighted signs. They have developed numerous iconic signs across the country including the Snelgrove Ice Cream cone sign and multiple signs on the Vegas Strip.

The company was founded as Thomas Young Signs in 1920 by Thomas Young in Ogden in 1920. Mr. Young had immigrated from England and worked for Electric Sign Service before starting his own business.

The company opened an office in Nevada in 1932 and began developing iconic signs for the entertainment industry.

YESCO relocated its headquarters to Social Hall Avenue in Salt Lake City in 1937.

The company was a pioneer in developing large neon signs and is now a developer of new LED displays.

In 2015, YESCO sold YESCO Electronics to Samsung which rebranded as Prismview. The first video talks about the Yesco Franchise program. The second is a video about Yesco from a decade ago:

A video about the signs.

YESCO Work Sizzle Reel from milehighhouse on Vimeo.

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