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Established in 1974, True Leaf Market seeks to improve our health by providing heirloom seeds and growing micro-greens. Their site offers a rich selection of seeds, microgreen kits and juicers.

The philosophy behind microgreens is that people need living whole foods in their diet. The company began by growing wheatgrass which it would sell to health food stores.

Wheatgrass is a special nutrient rich variety of grass which has been considered a superfood since antiquity.

Growing grass is not a complex task. One needs a tray, the right mix of soil and water; So, the company developed Wheatgrass Kits that allowed people to grow their products at home.

Wheatgrass Kits became a huge success with Utah's preparedness community. Many preppers grow tired of dead freeze dried foods. Microgreen kits provide the needed green foods that people need to thrive in long term survival situations.

When the Internet game along, the company registered the domain WheatgrassKits.com and created a successful online business.

The company expanded its line of products with a line of heirloom seeds and additional microgreen kits and juicing supplies. With each new product they created a new web site until their online holdings became too complex. The consolidated their offerings to a single site with the name True Leaf Market with headquarters at 175 West 2700 South in South Salt Lake.

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