🠈  Sealed Portion  🠊

Sealed Portion

A guy named Christopher Marc Nemelka published a thing that he claimed was "The Sealed Portion" of the Book of Mormon. In this video he admits he made it up. What he was trying to show is that people can have a feeling that something is true even when it is false.

He got several people to give testimonials about the forgery. This long video that I found tedious has a person talking about the sealed portion.

Apparently Ida Smith read the "Sealed Portion" and the LDS Church excommunicated her.

The LDS Church does damage control in a long tedious speech about the dangers of reading outside accepted writings of the LDS Church.

I think Nemelka's experiment was a failure. While he demonstrated that one can get people to give testimonies for any odd idea. The fact that he intentionally deceived people just feeds the notion that everyone is out to deceive.

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