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Savage Enterprises

Savage Enterprise is a Salt Lake company that was created by the 2018 merger of Savage Services and Missouri based Bartlett and Company. Savage provides a variety of supply chain services for industry and agriculture. Services include transportation, logistics and material handling. Divisions of the company include:

Savage Services offers transportation (trucking and rail), logistics, material handling, plant maintenance, oil field, refinery and construction services.

EnviroServe (aka SunPro) offers environmental remediation and clean up services.

Bartlett and Co offers a variety of grain storage and transportation services. This video provides images from the combined company.

Railcar Tracking Company helps people keep track of their railroad cars.

Corporate History

This section lists transactions that I've found related to Savage on the Internet.

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  1. Kansas City - Bartlett and Savage Merger (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  2. Savage - Savage and Bartlett Merger (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  3. Savage Acquires Trans Dynamic (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  4. Savage Delsco acquires Western Well (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  5. Savage Acquires Environment Reclamation Businesses (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  6. Savage - Liquid Bulk (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  7. Savage Acquires EnviroServe (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  8. Reuters - Bartlett / Savage merger (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  9. RT&S - Savage Acquires Quality Rail Services (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  10. Railcar Tracking Company (Drawn 11/11/2019)
  11. Savage Acquires Ft Worth Pipe (Drawn 11/11/2019)

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