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LDS Properties

I started Community Color with the modest goal of promoting locally owned small businesses.

I was horrified to see many small businesses closed down and displaced by large corporate businesses; So, I decide to change my focus and investigate the concept Ownership. I want to investigate and see who owns what in our communities.

I live in Salt Lake. A report by the Arizona Republic written in 1991 revealed that the LDS Church takes in $4.7 in tithes. They have invested some of this money and the LDS Church is now one of the largest property holders on the planet. (ref: Deseret News).

This page is not meant to be an inclusive listing of LDS Church holdings. What I am doing is taking the web sites listed in the directory and figuring out who owns what. If a web site is owned by the LDS Church, I link it to this page.

NOTE: I visited a (Wikipedia page about LDS property. There's a huge number of properties like the Triad Center, Gardo House, etc., that do not have web pages.

I have written some articles about interesting places and chain stores. Here are the articles.

Investment Funds

Some speculate that the LDS Church has numerous investment funds. Mormon Leaks lists 13 funds with $32 billion in assets that they traced to the LDS Church.

Transaction History

This section lists transactions that I encounter in related research.

The directory listings below are for a few of the web sites owned by the church.

Directory Listings:

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