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Kingston Clan

The Kingston Clan is a common name given to a fundamentalist sect of the LDS Church that traces to its patriarch Charles Winston Kingston (June 26, 1884 – November 29, 1975).

Mr. Kingston had grown to a prominent figure in the LDS Community when he discovered the original teachings of Joseph Smith and sought to pursue polygamy. He was excommunicated in 1929.

Charles Kingston helped established an entity called Davis County Cooperative Society to implement the as the means of implementing the United Order of Enoch. It is often called "The Order."

John Ortell Kingston (May 19, 1919 – August 25, 1987) took control of The Order in 1948. He sought aggressive expansion of The Order. John Ortell created Latter Day Church of Christ.

The Order demands that adherents surrender all property to the commune. Critics say that the commune grew extremely rich while the wives were forced to eat out of garbage cans.

Ortell had thirteen wives and seven sons. The seven sons are the top echelon of the current church. Paul Elden Kingston (1987-present) is listed on Wikipedia as the current leader.

The clan has about 3,500 adherents. Polygamist clans have multiple wives that are reassigned to different husbands and have extremely large families. This results in a convoluted family tree.

Kingston Businesses

Since property is communally owned, polygamy can lead to business structures that grow quickly and have convoluted business structures.

The site Kingston Clan, which is critical of the clan, made a compilation of businesses they believe are controlled by the Kingstons. It had 107 businesses in Nov 2017. Since the clan is secretive, it is likely that the actual number of businesses is much larger.

I will link web sites associated with these businesses (such as Standard Restaurant Supply) to this profile page.

Escaping Polygamy

AETV has a reality show called Escaping Polygamy which facilitates people escaping from the Kingston Clan and other FLDS sects. This is a show teaser:


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