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Goal Zero

Goal Zero is a Salt Lake based company that creates portable solar kits. Their subsidiary Bare Bones Living creates outdoor products.

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Goal Zero History

The Goal Zero project traces its history to a relief program called TIFIE (Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise) by Robert Workman in 2007. This project sought to create sustainable business. The first product was a portable solar panel called GoBe released in 2008.

Goal Zero corporate was created in 2009 with the mantra: "Zero Apathy, Zero Boundaries, and Zero Regrets." The company quickly became a leader in developing portable solar powers and quality outdoor electronics.

Goal Zero has a history of rushing products to areas affected by disaster. A group called Team Rubicon was created in 2010 as a group of relief workers crossed the rugged mountains between the Dominican Republic and Haiti to help with relief efforts after the January 10, 2010 earthquake.

In August 2014, Sorenson Capital announced that it sold Goal Zero to NGR Energy (which begs the question: When did Sorenson acquire GoalZero?)

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