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FJ Management is a Salt Lake based company that manages the assets of the Call Family. The Call Family developed the Maverik chain of gas stations, Flying J Travel Centers and Crystal Inn. They family also owns several refineries, senior living communities in California and minority interest in Pilot Flying J.

Corporate History

The press releases2 say that FJ Management acquired Maverik; So I will start the merger chain with the history of Flying J. This company was started by Jay Call who had managed several filling stations for his family. Jay decided to step out on his own and build his own chain. His name way Jay and he loved flying; So he called the chain Flying J..

Sadly, Mr. Call's love of flying led to tragedy. He crashed his Cessna Citation in 2003 en route to Sun Valley.

Mr. Call believed that the best way to assure long term success for his stations was to buy refineries. A sustained drop in the price of crude oil challenged this theory and his children were forced to sell majority interest in the chain to Pilot.

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