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1-800 Contacts is a site from Draper that revolutionized the way people buy contacts. The company was founded in 1995 by a certified optician who realized that patients were being dramatically overcharged for replacement contact lenses.

By ordering replacement contact lenses through a toll free number, patients were able to save hundreds of dollars.

1-800-Contacts road the Internet wave and created a robust system for ordering replacement lenses.

Optometrists were quite upset when 1-800 Contacts first went online. Requiring an expensive doctor's visit to order replacement lenses added to their bottom line. But, quite frankly, if your business model depends on overcharging patients for a product, then something is wrong with your business and not the technology that streamlines the ordering process.

Optometrists have since embraced information technology making contact lenses a viable solution for a greater portion of the public.

Corporate Ownership

According to past posts on Wikipedia:

The corporate office continues to be located in Draper, Utah.


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