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Brighton, Utah

Brighton is a town with a population of about 180 residents at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. The town was settled in 1871. The town incorporated in 2018. The Deseret News reports that the area was named after a Scottish immigrant named William Stewart Brighton who built a hotel and store in the area.2

The town is home to two world class resorts: Brighton and Solitude. The area is also home of the Silver Lake Nordic Center which serves as a nature resort in Summer and cross country ski oval in the winter.

History of Brighton Resort

The Alpine Ski Club built a rope tow using an old elevator motor in 1936 to create the first ski resort in Utah. It was the 15th in the nation. Jesse Kimball “K” Smith added a T-Bar.

Bright Resort proper started in 1943 when Zane Doyle bought the T-Bar. Doyle added a chair lift on Mt Millicent, with a significant investment from his brother-in-law Dean L. Jenson. The group bought Smith's other lifts which operated as Brighton Recreation Company in 1963 to create a consolidated resort called Brighton Ski Bowl. Wikipedia says the resort was named after Thomas W. Brighton who constructed buildings in the area.1

Boyne Resorts acquired the business in 1986. A company called CNL Lifestyle acquired the resort in 2007, but left Boyne in charge of management. Och-Ziff Capital Management bought the resort in 2016 and Boyne repurchased it in 2018.


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