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Zions Bancorporation

Zions Bancorporation, headquartered at One South Main Street in Salt Lake City, is Utah's largest banking institution. The bank was incorporated in 1873 by Brigham Young as Zion's Savings Bank and Trust Company. It was the first bank chartered in Utah. The LDS Church divested itself of the bank in 1960, and went public in 1966. The company currently trades on the NASDAQ with the symbol ZION.

The company's official web site is They also do business on the site Zions Direct is a product for self directed investments.

Zions Bancorporation has grown through acquisition. It appears that the company is establishing a different brand for each state. Here are some subsidiaries:


Below are pictures of Zions Bank buildings:

Zion's Bank Building ~ Zion's Bank Building
Zion's Bank Building

Corporate History

This section lists corporate events. The bank was acquired by Keystone Corporation in the 1960s. Roy W Simmons (1916 ~ 2006) was appointed bank commissioner in 1949. Simmons helped for the Bank of Utah in 1952 and became the CEO of Lockhart Corporation.

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