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Miche Bags

Miche Bags solved the greatest problem of accessorizing ... Matching the purse to the outfit without having to fiddle with the purse's contents.

A Miche Bag is a purse with an changeable shell. When you wish to change outfits, you simply change the shell on the purse to match your new mood or style.

When you buy the purse, you can order additional shells to match your current wardrobe.

But what about your future wardrobe?

This is where the Internet fits in. You can always log on and find a new shell to match your latest outfit. (NOTE, there is an active market of people buying and selling used shells on eBay ... including discontinued lines)

The concept for the bag was developed by Michelle Romero of Salt Lake City after an unfortunate purse incident. She and her friend Annette Cavaness developed the Miche Bag company which blossomed into an international success.

MicheBag has an affiliate program with Share-A-Sale, which is where I got the banners for this page.

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