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Maverik Country Store

Maverik is an independent fuel brand and a chain of convenience stores that dot the Mountain West. The chain was founded in the 1920s by a Reuel T. Call (circa 1913-2007) who opened his first gas station in Afton, Wyoming. Mr. Call was the grandson of Anson Vasco Call who had 4 wives and 37 children. Many of members of the Call family were also in the petroleum business. Reuel's nephew Jay Call founded the Flying J.

Reuel Call's filling stations concentrated on price. His stations, using the brand Caribou Four Corners, were among the first to offer self-service. These first stations tended to be smaller than the competitors of the day. Call preferred cash transactions to credit.

Reuel Call is also noted for creating the Call AirCraft Company which built small planes that were popular with farmers and people flying in the mountain states.

In 2012, FJ Management acquired the Maverik chain. This consolidated the holdings of the Call family in a single financial entity.

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