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Bringard Mill and Molding

A well constructed stair case adds multiple dimensions to buildings. Stairs actively engage the occupants of a building in the elements of the construction. Sadly, too many modern buildings hide their staircases, and provide only dank cemented stair wells.

I've always been a fan of well constructed stairs; So, I thought I would give Bringard Mill and Molding the site of the day. This company makes moldings and products for constructing stair cases.

Unfortunately, the site itself is a little bit of a let down. They only have a few grainly low resolution photos of stairs and molding. The product page includes pdfs that contain gif images of their product. The browsing experience of the clients would be better served if these pdf pages were converted to gifs.

On the cool side, Bringard Mill and Molding is using their web site to download and upload images for designing in Autocad.

The site has a start of a picture page which includes a few interesting shots of stairs.

As stair cases are one of the most intriguing elements of building design, I hope they continue to add to the site.

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