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Authenticity is one of the most important elements in marketing; if you can fake that then you've got it made.

Anyway, I was looking through sites funded by Sorenson Capital and discovered a Utah company called Experticity .

Experticity recruits social media influencers and matches them with brands to promote.

When I read the site I broke out laughing. In 2009, the FTC launched a crusade against the affiliate industry (which was how I hoped to fund this project). The FTC treats the practice of giving out merchandise to elicit reviews as fraud (see FTC Endorsement Guidelines). The FTC contends that people who are given a product are grateful and give misleading reviews. The FTC requires companies put a huge yellow block on a page warning the public about any affiliate between reviewer and the product reviewed.

NOTE: I have only once received a product from a merchant. I got a free t-shirt from in 1999. It wore out.

I think it is great that companies give out free products to ordinary people for publicity.

If you consider yourself and expert, you can fill out a form and you might get selected to promote a product.

NOTE: I did not fill out the form. My fear is that I would fill out a form and the company would start marketing stuff I don't want to me.

BTW, If you like promoting products. I believe that the best path is to find products that you like then join an affiliate program that markets that product.

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