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I usually only give one free listing per site. I like the concept of a rowing club on the Great Salt Lake enough to give the site two. The site is listed in both the Great Salt Lake category and outdoor recreation category.

People have been rowing on the Great Salt Lake since the 1800s. The Great Salt Lake Rowing club was established in 2002 to revive the sport of rowing. Rowers took part in the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay, and rowing is now part of the Utah Summer Games. The web page for the site has information on joining the club and has a gallery of photos.

The site has an informative page on The Great Salt Lake, with valuable tidbits of knowledge. For example, the water level of the lake has varied in recent history from 4191 feet above sea level to 4212 feet in 1986. At 4200 feet, the lake is an average of 15 feet deep. The maximum depth is 31 feet. The USGS shows current lake levels

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