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Fidos Foundation

Coco, the dog that owns the owner of this site, notes that it's getting tough to be a canine in Salt Lake. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains. All but a few side canyons are off limits to dogs. The few canyons that are open have fees and strange off leash rules.

Parks and school yards are increasingly restricted to dogs. The off leash areas in parks are getting smaller and more fenced in and more overcrowded.

Fidos Foundation, in conjunction with Millcreek FIDOS to help preserve some off leash areas in Salt Lake.

Unfortunately, offleash areas have a cascading effect. The fewer areas, the more concentrated the demand, which leads to more dog problems and even fewer off leash areas.

Sadly, Salt Lake City has far too many dogs for the off leash areas to handle. Perhaps the only real long term solution is an aggressive effort to spay and neuter dogs to keep the population in check.

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