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This IS news!

There is a general practicianer in the Salt Lake Valley that makes house calls.

Medicruiser is an example of what health care would be like if we had a free market instead of the bureaucratic rife created by government and insurance bureaucracies.

Notable things about the practice is that Dr. Gahlinger has a car. It is a PT Cruiser with a label on it titled "MediCruiser."

The Medicruiser is more than a house call. It is a house call on steroids. The cruiser is filled with state of the art medical equipment.

Another incredible thing about the practice. (And this truly is incredible). The practice actually lets you see your medical records.

Most of the corporations in medical-industrial complex treat your medical records as prpriety secrets to be shared only with insurance companies and government bureaucrats.

I was so impressed with this site that I blogged on it as well.

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