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Fusion-io is a Salt Lake IT firm developing a new generation of hard drives based on flash memory. Current hard drive technology uses disks that spin extremely fast. Such drives tend to be significantly slower than the io speeds of the processor. This speed differential requires a great deal of logic built into a system to handle additional reads and writes.

Fusion io is building memory based on solid state flash technology. This technology is significantly faster, reducing the programmatic overhead to handle the speed differential. The technology also consumes significantly less energy and produces less heat.

The primary market for this new technology is the high end data servers processsing large numbers of requests. (Such as your typical web hosting farm). The first video shows 1000 HDTV signals streaming from a single drive. The second video has tech talk by Storage Mojo:

The company hosted a much anticipated IPO in June 2011 with the stock symbol FIO. The stock is trading with a market value of over a billion and a half.

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