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Site of the Week, and more

On 11/18/2008 I made the unilateral decision to change the site of the day program to a site of the week program. Every Wednesday the page kewl.html will highlight a site of the week from Salt Lake City.

The program will have additional reviews on other days of the weeks. The mid week reviews will often contain additional resources related for a site. For example if a site has a video or widget, I will put the video or widget in the review.

The purpose of the Site of the Week program is simply to have regularly changing content for use in this site's RSS Feed .

The program was not intended as an award program. The actual selection of sites is extremely random.

Originally, this was a site of the day program because I felt everyone should have a day ... making a little page for every site was just too big a hassle.

The selection process is pretty much as follows: A person from Salt Lake adds their link. If the site is from the area and has something interesting on it, and I have time; I declare it the site of the week.

The program favors art sites, community organizations and independently owned businesses. The goal of the program was to encourage local web programming. The program does not include a large number of blogs because, in most cases, the blogger did not develop the blog program.

Most of the midweek reviews exist so that I can highlight a feature of the site. Yes, in cases the thing I am pointing out is that a store has an affiliate program. In other cases I might have a link to a news item related to the site.

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