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Millcreek F.I.D.O.S is an organization working to maintain Millcreek as an off leash area. The group organizes clean ups and works to educate dog owners on dog etiquette and laws.

The site has good information on the group, events and on its clean up efforts. Strangely, the site has very little information about current dog laws or about dog etiquette. The whole problem is that people let dogs run loose. The dogs jump all over people, and make unwanted contributions to the bio mass on the trails.

I believe the current law is that dogs are allowed on even days. Dogs are also allowed on many of the trails on the Salt Lake Benches. Dogs are prohibited in the Cottonwood Canyons, Lambs Canyon.

The Wasatch Mountains are the most heavily used forest in the US National Forest system. Mill Creek is a popular area for cross country skiing, cycling, scouting, pinics and other events. The mountains are also the primary source for water in this thirsty desert city.

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