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In the off chance that you've been thinking of turning that basement of yours into a small industrial park, I've nominated AID Equipment as the Site of the Day!!!! Not that much of the this stuff would fit in a basement.

AID Equipment provides equipment for manufacturers. Their line includes overhead hoists, conveyor belts, pnuematics, material handling products, industrial mezzanines and engineering expertise.

The site is interesting in that it provides insight into the design of a modern manufacturing facility. I was impressed with the Mezzanine Line with includes products for creating industrial platforms. Such platforms can add an extra dimension to assembly lines or can be used in warehouses to maximize space. The site shows examples of caged mezzanines onto of shelving.

People into muscle might be more interested in the Hoist Division which carries overhead hoists and rails for moving product around the shop floor, or perhaps the Pnuematics Division which keeps an interesting selection of valves, actuators, grippers and the other miscellaneous equipment that can make the shop floor a home. Overall, the site provides a nice view of the products and engineering services that go into making an advanced manufacturing space.

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