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Silencers Are Legal

Silencers Are Legal was an event to educate gun owners on laws regarding silencers. Apparently, they are legal in most states but you have to register your silencer in many states.

The event was held by Silencero which makes noise suppressors for guns. The site claims that silencers protect hearing and help improve accuracy.

I've been on hikes in areas where people were shooting over a trail. I liked that I could hear the gun shots; so I would know to hide behind a rock and yell that there were people on the trail. If the shooters had silencers, I would have walked into the gun fire.

Of course, if I was shooting a gun, I probably would prefer doing so with a silencer.

The video shows a marksman carving pumpkins by shooting at them. It seems like an expensive way to carve a pumpkin.

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