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The FrontRunner

I think a little self promotion is order. Afterall, if I don't promote myself, no-one else will.

Protophoto is an online gallery that I am making in conjunction with The site includes several thousand pictures from the Mountain West.

Most of the pictures are low resolution shots that I took with a vintage 1998 Kodak DC240 Zoom. I recently upgraded to a Nikon D70 Digital SLR. So the quality of photos is gradually improving.

Originally, I was taking pictures of towns. I am now walking city streets and snapping shots of what I see. For example, I have galleries of 3900 South, Highland Drive, etc.

I also have shots of Salt Lake Parks. My ultimate goal is to have galleries for all the major venues in Salt Lake. If you happen to have a venue and want me to make a spread of your operation, feel free to contact me.


Although I don't have a good macro lens, I've taken stabs at taking pictures of wildflowers.

The easiest way to find photos on the site trhough the master index.

Interestingly, gets substantially more traffic than this directory. For that matter, a very large portion of the traffic on comes from

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