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Accuscan Health Imaging

Non-invasive imaging is one of the most exciting technologies in the healthcare market. Using advanced scanning systems, radiologists can find the cause of health problems without the risks of exploratory surgery.

Non-invasive imaging uses some of the most advanced computers of the day to help interpret the output from different scanning devices. Radiology is a technology that is evolving on several fronts. There's been major advancement in the quality and safety of the scanners as well as the computer algorithms used to interpret the data. The missing link, of course, is the end user interface...that part of the process that presents the results of the technology to people.

AccuScan Health Imaging is a new company located near the Gateway Plaza. The company is promoting the use of their GE ultra-fast Computer Tomography (CT Scanner) for proactive screening of patients. While CT is most often used to create images of cancers after they develop, AccuScan is hoping to use the technology to find potential problems before they get ugly. For examples, finding colon cancer before it mestastizes increases survival rates.

Locating their business in the Gateway District is a smart decision as it brings the technology out of the hospital and into the mainstream. Many of the procedures offered by Accuscan can be completed within a ten to fifteen minute period. That means you can hop on Trax, get a brain scan, do some shopping at Gateway Plaza, then back on Trax for the ride home. After the scan, the company will send you a CD with all the images, etc..

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