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IMHO, Most Utah realty sites are a bit too large in their scope. They want to offer real estate in Salt Lake, Ogden, Park City, Provo, Saint George, or where ever. Yet, real estate sites trying to cover the whole state of Utah end up losing the character of any particular region.

I am actually glad to see at least one valley realty site concentrating on a smaller defined market. Urban Utah offers real estate in the downtown and east side markets. There are so many realty web sites trying to be everything for a major metropolitan area that the drown each other out. IMHO, the secret for capturing the precious search engine clicks is to concentrate on particular neighborhoods and to provide quality information on that neighborhood. In this regards, Urban Utah is a great start.

Designwise, the web site is a good example of why frames are a bad idea. The site does some nasty things like load frames within frames. The email link does't work in all browsers as it tries to load the email program in a frame.

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