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Skewer your dining bills

Restaurant.com sells half priced gift certificates for restaurants throughout the United States. You can buy a $25.00 certificate for $12.50. That means you can give more for less.

At the time of this review, Restaurant.com included about 30 restaurants most of them in the Salt Lake region. The certificates make great gifts. The thing I like most about the certificates is that they encourage the gift recipient to order things from the expensive side of the menu. Buying a gift certificate settles up front who will pick up the tab.

Gift certificates make great rewards for employees. A smart boss might give their staff a certificate to reward a job well done. (ahem, if happen to see my boss, you might mention this idea.)

The traditional certificates lets the gift giver chose the restaurant. Restaurant.com has a new mega certificate that lets the gift recipient choose the restaurant. Personally, I am a little dictator and I like to be the one that choses where people eat.

Unfortunately, the minimum wage clerk restaurant.com has entering restaurants is not that good at geography. When you use the site, you should look at the entire state of Utah as many of the local restaurants are misfiled.

Restaurants wanting to increase their customer base should consider joining the program. A large number of people (including those planing trips to the city) visit Restaurant.com. The program lets you chose the number of half priced coupons for sale and can include a full layout for your fine dining establishment.

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