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Moroni's America

Anti-Mormons have been making hay in the last few years about the differing accounts that Joseph Smith gave a dozen different accounts of the first vision and that the different accounts appear to have been designed for the audience to which Joseph Smith was speaking at the time.

Jonathan Neville is a lawyer by trade. Mr. Neville lays these claims to rest by noting that Smith obviously received different plates from the Hill Cumorah multiple times and each visit would have created a new first vision.

Mr. Neville's current work is Moroni's America which created a map for the tales of the Book of Mormon which centers around the Great Lakes. This helps save people from the apostasy of "Mesomania" which claims that the Book of Mormon took place in the Yucat√°n Peninsula or in South America.

Mr. Neville has pumped out a huge volume of works (buy at with titles including:

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