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Summum is a Salt Lake based religion that was revealed to Claude "Corky" Nowell by four intelligent beings in 1975. The religion has seven aphorisms.

Mr. Nowell was born in Salt Lake in 1944. His family moved to Southern California when he was four. He returned to Utah and studied at BYU and graduated from the U of U.

He received his revelation in 1975 which imparted on him the wisdom of Ancient Egypt. He built a pyramid shaped temple and a fermented nectar and revived the practice of mummification.

He had political battles with the State Liquor Commission over the nectar and with Pleasant Grove City after he donated the city a plaque bearing the aphorisms.

The video below provides an interview with the prophet. The Wikipedia has past to the beyond. I suspect that he has been mummified and will return in a thousand years when the technology is ready.

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