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Recreation Equipiment, Inc

REI is one of my favorite stores. REI is technically a buyers' coop. REI was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who could not find the gear wanted at the standard corporate run sporting goods store; so they started their own concern to buy outdoor equipment. When you shop at REI, you are asked to start a membership in the coop.

As REI is run by people who use the gear, they have been a major force in pushing manufacturers to develop high quality gear at a doable price point.

My experience with REI is that the items cost a little bit more than those sold at discount stores, but they last substantially longer. When you are out in the field, it is great to have equipment you can rely on.

The Deal of the Day widget to the right shows a daily sale. You can find clearance items at the REI OUTLET.

Currently, REI has store at 3300 South near the East Belt Route and a new store in Sandy.

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